In property has become one of the most popular options for Australians to build their wealth.

In recent years, young couples and families have started building their property portfolios through an alternative investment approach called rent-vesting.

What is Rent-vesting?
Rent-vesting is when you purchase a property, with the aim to lease it out and then rent a property where you would prefer to live.

There are many advantages to taking the ‘rent-vesting’ approach with the primary one being that you can enter the property market sooner and start building wealth as an investor.

By buying a cheaper investment property you can potentially build your wealth quicker than buying a brand new home.

Investment research
Before purchasing a property, it’s important to think about:

  • What is happening in the areas you’re looking to invest in? Make sure to research the growth prospects of these locations.
  • Are there any development plans for the area? Research the future development plans for areas you’re looking to buy into.
  • Do you have existing equity? You may be able to use existing equity to secure the finance you need for your next investment.
  • Is the property close to supermarkets, public transport, childcare and schooling facilities? These are things rents will look for in a property.

Portfolio Diversification
A diverse portfolio can help protect and grow your wealth. If you’re interested in investing in an office space, a retail property, industrial property and residential property our team can help you.

At Mortgage IQ, we work with each client to build an investment property strategy, guide them through the loan process, and obtain a pre-approval.

With years of experience and access to over 40 lenders, including non-bank lenders, we can help you find the ideal loan for your next property purchase.

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